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المؤتمر السنوي الخامس و الأربعون لجمعية الجراحين الأردنية

The 45th Annual Conference of Jordanian Surgical Society

By the JSS & Congress President

       Welcome back to Amman, I am thrilled to welcome you back to Amman for the 45th Annual International Conference of Jordanian Surgical Society (JSS) with the 25th Annual Congress of Pan Arab Association of Surgeons (PASS) and the 5th Scientific Day of the Surgical Specialty at Ministry of Health (Jordan) in collaboration with the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO).

  In my view Amman is one of the best places to hold this International Surgical forum, so you have no idea what special, extra ordinary pleasure to welcome you here in Amman.

  The decision to call this international conference was made last year when I began chairing the board of executive committee of (JSS) and after discussion with the General Secretary of (PASS) Prof. Adel Hosny and Secretary General of (IASGO) Prof. Kyoichi Takaori.

  The organizing committee and directory board of the JSS have worked long hours hardly to organize this important international surgical forum.

  Hopefully you will find the program as interesting as we do. The pre congress workshop this year is on the “Prevention and Diagnosis of Common Bile Duct Injury” and the congress is lasting three days, special thanks to the course directors and all those who have put in a lot of work ahead of this meeting, and to all supporters and sponsors.

  I would like to wish you all a productive and successful congress, and of course, I hope you will enjoy your stay in Jordan with its cultural history and feel real hospitality.

Dr. Abdel- Hadi Al Breizat


Jordanian Surgical Society

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